The Vision:

I envision a new way of approaching trauma and healing- where equality, equity and LOVE are at the forefront, and healing is looked at from a holistic (body, mind, soul) standpoint.

I know that together we can create a much better version of Earth than we have previously experienced- and I truly believe that it begins by going within, and healing any harm we may be carrying. It’s natural that we might have some inner wounding or ‘stuff’ going on, given the society and culture we have been immersed in since birth. But great news is, we don’t have to continue to carry it with it us!

Be Moved Yoga is here to be a part of the positive change in the world, by providing tools and practices for holistic healing and a trauma-aware approach to the somatic modalities of  Yoga, Ayurveda, Pranayama (breath-work), and Meditation.


My Mission with Be Moved Yoga is to share how a body-based approach to healing trauma, stress, and anxiety can create powerful and lasting change, and offering these tools and practices to everyone who needs them particularly those who may be marginalized yet need these modalities the most.

Part of Be Moved Yoga fulfilling this mission is by bringing trauma-informed Yoga and Meditation to those most in-need of healing, such as in addiction recovery, those experiencing homelessness, women’s shelters and with incarcerated youth. I’ve been sharing yoga with people in these settings for the last three years, and it has changed everything for me. These projects are extremely close to my heart and truly drive the direction of Be Moved Yoga.

I believe everyone can transform and become the person they truly want to be, but we all need resources, tools, and most of all SUPPORT to help us get there. My aim with Be Moved Yoga is making these tools accessible, sharing all I do from a model of Unconditional Love and non-judgement, and emphasizing self-care AND collective care as part of how we can truly change the world, together.