An 8-Week Online Course for powerful transformation through trauma-informed yoga + ayurvedic self-care

you know there's more to this life than feeling mediocre...

More than feeling stuck in scarcity mode.
MOre than feeling 'not enough'.
more than just going through the motions.

you know deep down in your gut that there must be another way... a way of changing your current reality

but something's keeping you stuck

Babe, I’ve been there. I used to LIVE there too.
Living in fear, living in scarcity, never feeling good enough, never feeling financially secure,
afraid to actually follow my dreams + passions, feeling unsatisfied,
unfulfilled + depleted by my work and headed towards burnout with a bottle in hand.

but I want you to know:
it doesn't have to be this difficult

imagine waking up + feeling full of purpose, excited about the new day ahead of you, and grateful to be alive on this earth.

imagine flowing effortlessly through your day, knowing exactly what to do next, feeling blissful + on track, with enough time to get everything done that you needed to as well as time to do the things you love.

imagine going to bed feeling satisfied, and sleeping soundly knowing that you did your best. 

sounds too good to be true?

well my love, believe it.
it IS possible for you, right now, if you choose it.

heal holistically:
A course in transformational healing

let the next 2 months be the most powerfully transformational time of your life!

it's time to heal your inner world and unleash your potential!

If you're done with the overwhelm, exhaustion, anxiety + fear.

if you're over not feeling your best, feeling depleted, on edge.

If you no longer want to feel always in a rush.

if you're sick of struggling to get out of bed, being in a dark spiral,

if you're done with feeling angry or unable to deal with emotions,

all the while KNOWING that there must be more to life than this....

then heal holistically is for you!

now is the time to take back your power
+ take your well-being into your own hands

i created this course for you, love!

Heal Holistically is the culmination of my 7+ year journey of healing my own trauma through the powerful tools of Ayurveda, yoga, holistic wellness + mindset work.

From utilizing every tool + practice that I share in this course within my own life, I have transformed my pain + struggle into creating a dream life that is unrecognizable from my previous one.

All the health issues, all the feelings of unworthiness, all the addictions + destructive behaviour patterns…transmuted into power, self-confidence, abundance, and peace.

now i'm here to share these
transformative tools with you -
because I know you're meant for more

how does it work?

delivered as a live, online, interactive 8-week experience,
heal holistically is a sacred container
for your growth + transformation
as you learn + embody the pillars of holistic healing

the three pillars of health + wellbeing we focus on:

in heal holistically,
you will learn:

trauma- informed yoga practices +
how moving your body heals your mind

all about the chakra system and balance your energetic centers

the science of ayurveda +
how to create your own ayurvedic daily routine

all about your ayurvedic dosha
+ how to create balance through the foods you eat

how trauma is stored in the physical body
+ what you can do to release it

how to break addictive/ negative cycles
+ get out of your comfort zone

powerful breath-work techniques to regulate your nervous system

how to manage your stress levels through meditation

how to heal + forgive your inner child

how to release the scarcity mindset + connect to your spirit

and soooo much more!

all in a live, supportive 2-month container to empower you to grow + transform to your fullest potential!

in heal holistically,
your whole being is taken into account

Covering the three pillars of health – physical, mental + emotional

HEAL HOLISTICALLY encompasses everything missing from our modern health systems that too often miss the mark by not addressing the root cause of physical + mental health issues.


The community and safe space created within the live sessions for this 2-month container provides SO MUCH support for you as you embark on this life-changing journey of healing.


The best part? It’s all shared from a trauma-aware perspective, so the practices and work we do during these 8-weeks are gentle, modifiable, and so amazingly powerful in transforming your pain + struggles into strength + wisdom. 


there's never been a more potent time to change your inner + outer worlds!

what's inside:

lifetime access to all course content + materials!
1x weekly LIVE trauma-informed coaching session with louise (8 sessions total) • One 1:1 personalized LIVE trauma-informed yoga session with Louise • Three 30-minute Guided Meditations for deep healing • 8 Trauma- Informed Yoga Classes, designed to balance your Chakra System • 8 weekly Challenges for journaling, self-reflection and expanding your comfort zone • One 60-minute Bedtime Yoga class to practice anytime
Video tutorials in:
• Ayurvedic Self- Care Rituals • How to Properly Hydrate Yourself • Understanding Triggers and How to Respond • Discovering your Ayurvedic Dosha (Body-Mind Constitution) • Four Pranayama (Breath-work) techniques
for Nervous System Regulation • Understanding Trauma and How it Appears in Our Bodies • Ayurvedic Concepts of Ama & Agni (How to Nourish Gut Health) • Grounding Practices and Ways to Self- Regulate • Healing Trauma with the Vagus Nerve PLUS bonus content IN:

• Ayurvedic + Adaptogenic Herbs • Stress Management • balancing your hormones • Ayurvedic Recipes E-Book
Plus personalized text coaching from louise + a supportive community of new BFF's in the private Heal Holistically telegram group!

sneak peek Inside the course:

a bit more of Louise's story

I’m so glad to FINALLY be sharing this course with you, because this truly is what I wish I’d had while I was going through one of the most difficult times of my life.

During my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2016, I experienced a huge shift (due to the energies MOVING from the practice of yoga), where unhealed childhood trauma was revealed to me – stuff I had been living completely unaware of, having blocked it out of my memory as a coping mechanism.

I am forever grateful that this happened, as it allowed me to fully see what I had been carrying and begin to release + heal it.

BUT, after that training, it was a very difficult, scary, and unknown road I was on. I was having multiple mental breakdowns, feeling depressed + hopeless, living life extremely ungrounded and in total scarcity mode. I was very afraid of the world. I kept getting lost, literally, and had absolutely no trust in myself or in my own intuition.

Finally, I sought out life coaching from my yoga teacher, and began implementing the practices that I now follow daily for my mental, physical, emotional + spiritual well-being. Things like creating a daily routine, meditating daily, and using what I’ve learned about Ayurveda to tailor a wellness practice that complements + balances my natural mind-body constitution. I found a therapist, and kept up my yoga + meditation practice, and I began to feel better. It didn’t even take very long.

I felt more like myself than I ever had, more peaceful, more confident + capable, and it just kept getting better.

Fast forward 5 years, and I
that I share in Heal Holistically 

a little more about Louise:

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