Meet louise

Hello, loves...It's a joy + an honour to be here with you!

I’m here to empower you to make the positive changes you seek in your own life and in the world, through sharing the potent teachings of Yoga + Ayurveda.

I teach and practice yoga through a trauma-aware lens, and aim to make every class or session a safe + nurturing environment for ALL, inclusive of the traumas or emotional wounds that most of us carry, on some level at least.

Sharing Yoga as a means to access and to heal our whole SELF- mind, body, energy, soul-  not just as a way to stay active or physically fit, is paramount to me.

Everything I share as part of Be Moved Yoga are tools and practices I personally use in my own life and that have been integral to my own healing. And, since healing is a journey not a destination, I’m always learning and growing as I go – so expect new practices and content here regularly as I share more of what I’m discovering.

Since studying and integrating Yoga + Ayurveda into my life, I’ve been able to first become aware of, and then heal and release childhood trauma, as well as understand and re-frame my disordered relationship with food and with my own body.

I’ve been able to become aware of and heal through deep-seated anxiety, depression and self-loathing, because Yoga taught me how to love my body, and through meditation and breath-work I learned to calm my mind and touch upon the true peace within- my True Self, and unconditional love.

It’s because of my own personal transformation that I’m so passionate about sharing the gifts of trauma-informed Yoga + Ayurveda with others. SO MANY of us are struggling in different ways and this world is not set up to make it easy.

I’ve spent the last 3 years sharing yoga in with diverse and under-served populations within addiction recovery, women’s shelters and adults + teens affected by homelessness, and witnessing the human capacity for resilience + for healing through these modalities is truly amazing. I created Be Moved Yoga as a way to make these tools accessible to all who need them.

I now know that everything I have been through and healed through, has been part of my reason for being here on the planet.

I aim to share the transformational powers of trauma-informed yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, and self-care, with everyone who seeks healing and change within themselves.

When I share Yoga and teach these practices, both in-person and online, my true essence shines through and you’ll feel it – pure LOVE connecting to from my heart to yours. It’s truly an honour for my to share these gifts and I’m so grateful to YOU for taking the journey with me!

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