5-day energy reboot challenge

welcome to the be moved yoga
free 5-day energy reboot challenge!

Through using the potent modalities and wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda, you’ll be able to overhaul and reboot your nervous system, creating mental space and a sense of inner peace.

You’ll explore + discover ways to move your body that feel sustainable + also make you feel great, and you'll have the tools to help you commit to a regular self- care practice.


You’ll also gain:

> Insight into the kinds of foods that lower your vibe and energy, and easy switches that bring balance AND taste great.


> A foundation of self-love practices that will allow you to improve your inner state and with that, make everything else feel easier + more manageable.


> The importance of having a daily stress management routine
and how to create (and stick to) one.

plus so much more!

you also receive a bonus daily meditation video to practice every day of the Challenge (and beyond!). This 10-minute meditation will balance your nervous system and leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, full of energy to start you day!

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