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1:1 Online Yoga Sessions

Imagine being expertly guided through a yoga practice that is tailored to your specific needs, as they ebb + flow.

Imagine a practice that connects you not only to your own body, but syncs you up to your own breath + connects you deeply to your inner spirit.

Imagine a yoga practice that empowers you, where you get to choose exactly how you move + where the practice goes.

Imagine a practice + teacher that takes into account everything it’s taken for you to make it to your mat that day.

Well my don’t need to imagine any more!

You will receive ALL this and more in these special tailor-made 1:1 Yoga for Healing Sessions with Louise.

Each 75-minute session is designed for and with you, delivered in Louise’s unique, gentle, trauma-informed teaching style.

You get to enjoy personalized yoga from the comfort of your own home – all classes are held live via Zoom.

Get ready to be Be Moved + feel AMAZING through practicing 1:1 with Louise!

Limited availability


$222 per 120-minute session.

Special Bundle discount:

6 sessions for the price of 5 when paid in full!

to begin with 1:1 Sessions,
apply using the form below:

You will be contacted within 24 hours to begin your 1:1 healing journey!

Everyone is unique - everyone has different needs and things they've gone through. tailor-made healing sessions are an incredibly powerful way to take care of yourself and get your unique needs met.

you get to be + create anything you desire. by taking this step and saying yes to your healing, you are taking an empowered leap towards the life you know you deserve!

31st October - 8th November 2022

Find Your Fearless and create the life of your dreams through the transformative experience of the Be Moved Yoga Safari Retreat!

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