trauma healing with yoga + ayurveda


Louise here! ☼

I’m so grateful to share all I know about healing holistically with you.

We’re all here on the planet to live freely,  to share our gifts + live our unique purpose, but sometimes it’s hard to see past our own pain – whether it’s unhealed trauma, anxiety, depression, or the daily stressors of today’s world.

I created Be Moved Yoga as an online space for healing, using a combination of Trauma-Informed Yoga + Ayurveda to help you bring awareness to and heal through whatever is
holding you back from shining your light

Everything I share here – the methodology, the practices, the teachings-  have been and still are a part of my own personal transformation form darkness to light.

If you’re ready to feel more vibrant, energized, positive- truly free – then you’re ready to Be Moved ☼

why yoga + ayurveda to heal trauma?


While trauma is experienced in our minds and emotions, it is rooted within our physical bodies, at the cellular level.

If we don’t address it through the body, we cannot truly heal from it.

that’s why it’s so important to come back to our bodies + our selves, always!


☼ With Yoga, we can connect to our bodies and heal our relationship with our bodies – so often the site of trauma + stress.


☼ With Ayurveda, we learn about ourselves and how to correctly nourish our body, mind and spirit. This facilitates the body’s innate capacity for self-healing.


☼ We shift our energy through both Yoga and Ayurveda, which allows traumas to release from our bodies without the need to re-live the experience, or even be consciously aware of it leaving.


 ☼ At Be Moved Yoga, all Yoga + Ayurveda practices are shared through a trauma-aware lens, to allow deep inner healing and reduce harm to ourselves and others.

new for 2022!
donation- based monthly yoga classes
live via zoom


Join Louise for live online yoga classes – pay by donation!

☼ Each class is focused around a theme- from January- July 2022 the classes are based in the yogic Chakra system, focusing on a specific chakra each month.

☼ Each online class will be held on the 2nd Saturday of each month, at 8am PST.

☼ Join class via the Be Moved Yoga Soul Support Telegram Group – each class is offered on a donation basis, and the link to join class is available in the BMY Telegram Group.

Join Telegram Group here

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A little more about me...

“Louise has this amazing ability to bring not only awareness to your body during her classes, but also to your mind.

Her focus on pranayama has given me that ability to tune into my body and more importantly my mind, both on and off the mat, whenever I need it. One of the core principles of her teaching (based on her deep Sivananda practice) is to listen to our bodies and give it what it needs.

 Louise has many gifts, but the one that I take with me every day is that I am perfect, just as I am”

—Melissa P.

“Louise shows up to teach with apparent presence in her gaze and in her breathing.

I can feel that her offerings come from the space of Heart and imagine that she prioritizes connection in her life outside of teaching.

I feel allowed to show up exactly as I am in her classes and am able to turn toward reconnecting, inside and between, with the space that she holds for practice.”

—Megan S.

Be Moved & Bloom is the podcast for you if you’re looking for the inspiration, guidance, and spiritual tools to help you bloom into who you’re truly meant to be.


If you know you’re meant for more than what is ‘typical’ by societal standards.

If you’re craving more from your self-care practices and are ready to dive deep into healing, but maybe are unsure where to begin.

 If you want to hear transformational stories, and are eager to learn more about all the things that light you up and make you feel great – then you’re in the right place!

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